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How can you make your NC-Programming more easily, more quickly and more intelligently?

It is recognized that 2.5D geometry is still dominant in manufacturing, even though requirements for freeform surfaces machining increase. Today, more and more parts are designed using 3D CAD systems and stored in 3D solid models. Because of a lack of tools that make 2.5D geometry from such 3D models for machining available, a significant amount of time is still spent for NC-programming. Manual extraction of NC relevant data needs several hours or even one day. It is, therefore, tedious and error-prone


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4T-AFR makes your NC-Programming more easily

The key to the success is using manufacturing features. Manufacturing features are particular machining area of work pieces, such as holes, slots and pockets. Based on manufacturing features, NC-programming becomes more intuitively, does not need to treat tedious low level entities such as points or edges


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4T-AFR makes your NC-Programming more quickly

4T-AFR is a powerful solution for recognition of manufacturing features. It has an automatic mode with very good performance and an easy to use interactive mode with a so called one-click method. Immediately after recognition, all information for NC-Programming is available. Generation of G-code becomes straightforward. The human programming activities can be reduced extremely


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... and more intelligently

Features can be associated with machining operations such as 2.5 milling or drilling directly. Thus, automatic selection of jobs and tool geometry become possible. This is an important step on the way to knowledge based machining


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